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Higher Ed
In Higher Education, there are a total of 18,000 colleges with 11 million students. The Indian Higher Education System is the largest in the world due to its sheer number of institutions. However, most of government spending in education is allotted to the K12 segment, leaving 77% of the HES in private hands (13860 colleges).

While the total government spend on Education at ~$30bn (~3.7% of GDP), is comparable to global averages, nearly ~90% of this is spent on K12 or school education. This perhaps explains why the majority of our institutes of higher learning are a far cry from the world's leading universities. While India's school system is acknowledged to be formidable across the world, thousands of brilliant Indian students flock to foreign shores each year seeking quality higher education.

Again, technology can vastly improve the quality of education imparted in colleges.


A recent survey indicates that only 10% of the engineering graduates passing out of various technical universities are employable. This includes deficiency in technical skill as well as soft skills.

Hicommands is working with various Technical universities in developing e-learning content for key engineering streams that will better engage the students and help them understand core concepts. The streams currently being developed are Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Electronics & Instrumentation (E&I), Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering (CSE) and IT Engineering.

The unique patent-pending technology-based deployment model is designed to help rural engineering colleges and institutions with less bandwidth to also adopt e-learning methodology.
Skill Development

Hicommands has tied up with CII as a Knowledge Partner to develop multimedia training
content to aid skills development including soft skills and other vocational skills like TiG welding, Arc welding and so on. The content is replete with interactive graphics, animation, voiceovers and also live videos, which describe in detail the operational and safety procedures
of complex industrial skills like welding, fitting, etc. It is aimed at providing a better training
experience to working professionals employed by companies and also students training at various institutes across the country.