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School Education is the formative cocoon that is responsible for the development of a child into a full-fledged adult. Education – across the world and especially in India – has always occupied pride of place. Millions of households scrimp and save in order to send their children to the best schools. However, the entire private school system is in high stress.

The challenge for every educator today is to increase or at least retain the attention span of the students who are besieged with an information overload from a variety of sources. Indian curriculum is one of the toughest in the world. Coupled with the fact that there is a dearth of qualified and experienced teachers, it is but essential to embrace technology in the classroom.

As every educator would endorse, the actual difference between an average student and the best student in a class depends on his or her ability to assimilate, visualize and comprehend the abstract concepts taught in the class. For e.g., when a 4 stroke engine is taught in a classroom, the time taken by the teacher to draw all the four strokes legibly is ~45 minutes. Where is the time for her to explain the concept? In the shoes of a student, he has never seen a valve or an engine chamber or a piston or an ignition in his or her lifetime. When the teacher explains this in class, the students are left to their imagination Obviously, whoever imagines this best is a bright student. It is not that the other students are less intelligent – they just lack visualization.

Further, there is also disparity in the experience and qualifications of teachers across schools. Quality education is a high-priced commodity today which only a privileged section of society has access to. However, a school is not merely the sum of its tables, chairs and infrastructure. The bottom-line difference between an average school and a best-in-class school is essentially in the teachers.

With Smart Schools, we bridge these two essential gaps – from the point of view of both and students as well as the teachers. Seeing is believing. We bring equitable conceptual clarity by bringing the average student and best student on par, while empowering the teacher to deliver a powerful lesson, complete with learning reinforcement, evaluation and retention techniques.

India has evolved into a knowledge economy. Our teachers have a tremendous role to play in grooming the future drivers of this knowledge economy. If we do not empower our teachers with technology and enable them to reach out effectively to their students, it tantamounts to a gross injustice towards the future generations of this country.

Hicommands offers products developed with years of pedagogical insight and instructional excellence. In the K12 education domain, Hicommands has created a unique solution called PRODIGY™ after extensive research with students, teachers and others involved in the domain. PRODIGY™offers a powerful learning experience for K12 learners and is currently being used by students and educators across 200 classrooms in India.

ESWOTS is an award-nominated product with learning objectives in multilingual game-based pedagogy model for children from Class 1 onwards.