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In a business environment where innovation and change are no longer mere buzzwords, a
company needs to not only constantly adapt and reinvent itself but also train its employees to
continuously reequip themselves to perform faster, better and keep up with the change.

Training and Development is a key task for any company that values its human resource capital. The challenge is to capture the attention of the employee and ensure that the training objectives are met both in the short term and in the long term.

We engage with organizations across diverse industries to understand their learning requirement and help them design and implement effective and innovative training material for their workforce. Our Learning Management System (LMS) helps them administer the training easily and track the progress and performance of the employees.

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Key challenges faced by companies in implementing training:
Finding the time to take training.
Ensuring that the learning offered clearly reflect the strategic needs and growth areas of the organization.
Maintaining a direct link between human resource strategy with its corporate strategy.
Ensuring that all of the training materials are up-to-date and accurate.
Why are smart companies choosing e-learning?
The general benefits of using e-learning over conventional learning are:
Anytime/Anywhere learning: e-Learning makes it feasible to access training on demand, at home, at office or anywhere 24x7x365. Education is available when and where required.
Cost effectiveness: With e-learning, the money is invested in education and not in logistics or travel.
Flexibility: e-Learning offers the option to choose from a variety of interactive self-paced courses, and learners can take advantage of an extensive reference library.
Retention: Multimedia presentation and interactivity reinforce understanding and retention of information.
Measurement: With e-Learning, it is possible to monitor learner's progress and skill attainment and produce detailed usage reports and assess their levels of improvement.
Customization: e-Learning content can be tailored to the interests and career objectives of individuals, groups or business objectives of the organization.
Content Updation: e-Learning makes it possible to update the information instantly.
Overall Training Solution: e-Learning can always complement other forms of training and become a part of overall training solution.
Mining and Construction
Safety standards in mining industry are stringent and enforced by the Director General of Mining Safety. Any mishap results in slamming of the company by both the Government and the Labour Unions. However, the operators are mostly unskilled labourers with meager education. It is imperative to train them frequently to adhere to and comply with safety norms (stipulated by Director General of Mining Safety). The periodical maintenance and safety aspects need to be reinforced by the company.

Apart from this, companies would also like to cross-train operators in operating multiple equipments. This builds redundancies in the system and ensures there is skilled resource available at all times.

Hicommands offers a comprehensive e-learning solution to the Mining and Construction industry covering most of the commonly used machinery such as - Dumper, Dozer, Tipper, Excavator Drill, Shovel, Loader, Grader
Mining companies use trainers and simulators in order to train the operators. They use
conventional classroom lecture method to impart training on operation, safety and maintenance.
However, as the industry faces a dearth of qualified professionals/trainers, more and more
companies are evaluating e-learning solutions to address their training needs. E-learning also
gives them other advantages:
> Ensure operational skill
> Assure knowledge of safety norms and procedures
> Measure skill level
> Grade employees
Our Training modules are designed to cover the following main topics
Working of the Dumper
Maintenance, safety and defects
Operating Dumpers
Working rules
Introduction to ISO 9000 in connection with Dumpers