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PRODIGY Smart Classrooms

PRODIGY Smart Classrooms

Hicommands flagship product PRODIGY – an instructionally rich curriculum aligned interactive digital content spread over 4000+ learning hours has been successfully implemented in over 1500 schools with a million student beneficiaries year on year. It has relevant simulations and graphics to support conceptual clarity of abstract learning objectives. It inherits the knowledge/ inputs from the most experienced subject matter experts. Hence, PRODIGY standardizes deliverables from a less experienced teacher in a classroom. It has appropriate learning reinforcement strategies in the form of interactive activities and instant assessment capabilities with different types like formative, summative and confirmative assessments embedded suitably.

The deployment of requisite ICT gadgets for setting up smart classrooms integrated with Hicommands flagship product PRODIGY – Curriculum aligned digital content in schools shall ensure every stakeholder involved in the teaching – learning process viz., a) Students b) Teachers and c) School Management stand to benefit enormously.

PRODIGY Smart Classroom components:

Each PRODIGY Smart classroom shall be equipped with the following ICT hardware infrastructure;

  • Ceiling mounted overhead Projector
  • Teacher's laptop
  • Students individual Tablet PCs or Laptops
  • 5ft * 4ft White Board with PRODIGY portable Interactive device
  • 4ft * 4ft Green Chalk board
  • Wall Mounted external speakers
  • Accessories: Extra long VGA cable to connect projector and teacher’s laptop, Projector clamp, Speaker clamps/ wall stand
  • Centralized Server for schools with more than 2 Smart Classrooms

Teacher Training Program for Practicing E-Pedagogy in Classroom

The success of the Smart classroom depends on the teacher’s participation. The teacher should identify her teaching style with the associated content to deliver effectively. The teacher needs to be inspired, engaged and transformed to see the vision of a Smart classroom. Hicommands shall reach out to the teachers and helps them get acquainted with the technology and the new teaching environment for practicing e-pedagogy in classrooms which is different from the conventional pedagogy.

Usage Tracking, Analytics and Reporting

The PRODIGY platform that shall be deployed in the server and given access to the School Management, teachers and students shall contain;

  1. Communication Suite with intranet based email for students and teachers
  2. Watchdog tool for effective monitoring and evaluation in both students tablet PCs/ Laptops and teachers laptops
  3. Assessment engines to support formative, summative and confirmative assessments
  4. Multi level synchronization tool to synchronize student and teacher data on assessment with the in-school server in intranet that updates the cloud server through internet connection.
  5. Analytics engine to collate data on the usage pattern of all students and teachers and analyze its impact, identify the institution’s teacher and student talent pool on every subject and set the goals for future with clear data on hand using projection/ extrapolation techniques

The advantages of Smart schools are listed below but not limited to:-

  1. Inclusive education - No student left behind
  2. Conceptual clarity of abstract learning objectives
  3. Standardized delivery guaranteed even from a less experienced teacher
  4. Facilitates learning reinforcement strategies
  5. Instant assessment capabilities
  6. Enhances teaching-learning experience in classroom

The usage of Smart classroom saves lot of time in delivering key concepts and hence this time could be used qualitatively by the teachers in the classrooms. Moreover, enlarged diagrams replicated in its truest form with vivid colors matching 100% to its reality helps the students to understand things better and not left to their imagination thus enhancing teaching-learning experience multifold.

One of the off-shoot advantages of PRODIGY Smart classroom is enhancing English capabilities in terms of vocabulary, diction and language neutralization not only by adopting English vide math and science courses but also as a separate subject to teach English.

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