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PRODIGY™ – a strong portfolio of dynamic e-learning content that addresses the learning needs of Kindergarten to Class XII (K12). PRODIGY™ has a vast repository of visually rich, instructionally sound content that closely matches the syllabus of CBSE, ICSE, State and Matriculation boards. It has been developed according to the stringent SCORM norms and international standards of graphic animation and instructional design.

PRODIGY™ is a complementary teaching aid that is intended to assist the teacher in delivering her lessons and to facilitate better, more effective student learning. It is not a replacement for the teacher.

Content Structure

PRODIGY™ redefines and structures the classroom delivery model by disintegrating every lesson into multiple learning objectives. Every learning objective is then delivered divided into a logical sequence of sessions that facilitate classroom delivery.

All the above sessions are modeled and timeline tagged to run for 45 minutes including student participation in concepts, exercises and activities.

Stakeholders – Prodigy fills a need gap

The content repository is in the form of learning objects. A group of learning objects forms a learning module or a lesson. A learning module delivers a set of learning objectives. The repository is loaded onto the LMS.

Key Features and Benefits

Using PRODIGY™ in a classroom visibly improves attention span and has been proven to enhance understanding and retention. Further, it has various advantages for all the other stakeholders – the school management, parents and teachers – as listed below.

  • Attention Span: PRODIGY™ involves the student, captures his/her attention and encourages active classroom participation.

  • Involvement: PRODIGY™ learning process requests frequent responses and interaction.

  • User Appeal: PRODIGY™ is robust and appealing with graphics and animations in 2D and 3D, hyperlinks and voice to captivate the
     userand engage her for long periods of time.

  • Learning Retention & Reinforcement: PRODIGY™ adopts effective reinforcements of learning objectives are by including simple
     exercises and activities (both online and offline) at the end of every content learning session.

  • Immediate feedback: Be it a practice assessment or actual examination, the results are instantaneous. The assessment/examination
     engine of PRODIGY™ is intelligent and increases the difficulty level of the practice test gradually while the actual assessment/ examination
     generates standard teacher-controlled questions.

  • Teacher friendly: It delivers each lesson in a logical sequence consistently across various sections. It also includes activities that the
     teacher can use as additional exercises. It is easy to use and is also flexible to accommodate teacher intervention and additional
     explanations, thus retaining the teacher's touch in the classroom.

  • Online Access: PRODIGY™ is powered with a Learning Management System (LMS) that offers seamless online access to all its
     stakeholders –students, teachers and the school administrators. It provides access to its rich repository of content for students whereas the
     other stakeholders could have active participation online.

  • Measurement: PRODIGY™ offers two optional methods of measuring achievement of learning objectives:
  • • Class-wise measurement of learning objective/understanding level and skill set analysis
    • Personalized (every student) measurement of learning competencies/understanding level and skill set analysis

  • Dynamic repository:PRODIGY™ features 4000+ hours of e-content in its ever-growing dynamic repository. The content features
     instructionally enriched e-content focusing more on Mathematics and Science subjects along with Virtual Science lab to enhance the learning
     experience and enthusiasm amongst students. It also augments learning EVS.

  • Best Value-for-money: PRODIGY™ is the most cost-effective technology available for educational institutions for the following reasons:
  • • Works even on lower bandwidth.
    • Intranet/Internet solution.
    • No separate LMS cost.
    • No third-party software required for content deployment.
    • Zero maintenance cost on content management.
    • Saves time on assessment/examination evaluation.
    • Works on Linux, Mac and Windows.
    • Less training time.

    PRODIGY™ Unique Advantages

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