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iScore Tuition Academy
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iScore Tuition Academy is here to make education an enjoyment.

What is iScore?
It is an innovation in traditional tutoring where education is made more effective and enjoyable using a tablet. It is a combination of online tutoring, regular coaching centre and thereby offers a smart learning experience with ease.

The system of iScore addresses all types of learners – Kinesthetics (those who learn by feeling or experiencing); Auditory (those who learn by hearing); Visual (those who learn by seeing). iScore believes that the purpose of education is to live wise and make life simpler, easier and meaningful. Hence, learning here is made into an experience with real time examples and easily understandable at iScore.

Innovative activities scheduled for every lesson facilitate students with team interaction, presentation, conceptual clarity and thus authority in those learning modules with variety of input on various problem solving exercises to reinforce their learning with understanding. iScore adheres a good structure in making a student score best marks.
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