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16th March 2009
A new set of awards entitled Primary Languages Classroom Award

  The Company
  ESWOTS is an exciting and vibrant company whose aim is to revolutionise the way schools globally educate children, especially those whose second language is English, through E-Learning.

Teaching any child is often challenging, but when that child does not speak English and cannot communicate with their teacher or their peers it becomes even more of a challenge, with teachers often wondering where they start. Imagine the same challenges from the point of the child and how they would be feeling.

We believe that we can overcome this problem by allowing the teacher to start teaching in the child's home language and switch to English that they speak at home and vice versa.
The child feels less scared and happier, her self esteem rises and understanding is increased, the parents of the child and their communities are happy and standards for the class and school rise through greater interactivity. The result is that the child learns English more quickly and soon becomes a contributing member of the class.

ESWOTS Eduk8me helps to teach the children first language so that no child feels discriminated against or devalued, helping them to embrace their own language skills and develop the English language usage.

ESWOTS Eduk8me is not a language lab, but e-learning curriculum content in multiple interchangeable languages that supports the learning and use of English.
Eduk8me E2L
Working to support EMAS professionals to assist E2L and EAL learners achieve English language success by providing interactive learning opportunities and E2L software.

Eduk8me is a unique e-learning system that focuses on helping EAL learners achieve greater fluency in English more quickly. This is achieved by using maths as a starting point, a common knowledge base that every child has whether it is formal operations or simply understanding the request to fetch 2 apples. This common basis encourages learners to start their contextual English learning experiences by answering questions that are understood and can be answered or responded to in their home language and gradually, as they feel confident, in English.

The Eduk8me software provides a unique toggle button that allows each learner to toggle between English and their home language, gaining confidence as they progress and developing their understanding of English.

As all schools in England aim to teach to the National Primary Strategy (NPS) it is important that the learning experiences meet the needs as laid out in the NPS documents. All of the Eduk8me software has been mapped and aligned to the NPS documentation to remove the extra work needed in planning EAL activities. The NPS supports the teaching of EAL students and identifies the need for contextual learning activities:

"Children learning EAL will be accessing curriculum content while also developing cognitive and academic language within whole-class, group and independent contexts. Through the use of appropriate access strategies and support, they will be experiencing a level of cognitive challenge consistent with that provided for their peers. Those children who have become conversationally fluent will continue to receive support to develop the academic language and vocabulary associated with the subject and the language and grammar used to express ideas and thinking within the subject." (NPS 2008)